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Whether you buy new or used winter tires, their most obvious benefit is improved road safety by giving you better traction and more control on cold and slippery road conditions.

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Yet that's not enough for some people.

So if increased safety doesn't provide enough motivation for you to buy and install winter tires for your vehicle, hopefully one of these hidden benefits can help convince you.


When you have winter tires installed on your vehicle you are less likely to be stranded at home or stuck in a ditch somewhere.

Not using snow tires during the winter could lead to significant lost time and opportunities while you’re dealing with some type of roadside disaster.


Since the primary purpose of winter tires is to help keep vehicles safely on the road during treacherous weather conditions it's no surprise that auto insurance companies actively encourage using them.

"In the vast majority of cases you are eligible for a winter tire discount so you should contact your auto insurance company if you've recently started using winter tires."

After all, less car accidents means less insurance claim payouts insurance companies need to make so it stands to reason that anything they can do to reduce them is to their benefit.

Win win!

With that in mind many insurance providers in Ontario have begun to provide discounts on auto insurance rates to those who use winter tires.


Since winter tires improve traction and control on snowy and slippery roads, this reduces the workload of an engine which lowers the amount of gas the vehicle needs to use.

So when used properly in the winter, winter tires can actually save you money on gas!

However, make sure you switch back to all season tires after the snow goes away and the temperatures climb back up in the spring.

Using winter tires on warm dry roads can actually have the opposite effect on gas mileage.

If you're looking for a price on used winter tires please don’t hesitate to request a quote on our used tires page.

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